Save the Futurist – Team Statement

Lesley Mullally
Sue Gilmore
Iain Hoskins

It is a tragedy for the City that the Futurist was allowed to get into its current condition. We as a group were campaigning to save the building long before other groups began to show an interest.  Having looked at the evidence it became apparent that years of neglect have led to a situation where the building cannot be salvaged. Sadly this view was reinforced when members of the group were allowed into the building by the Council to see the extent of the damage.

However, our campaign did succeed in getting the developer to completely revise its design and produce a scheme that we consider celebrates the Futurist and Lime Street’s long association with Cinema. We have also been allowed into the ABC to view the building and see the plans for its restoration. The auditoria of the building is stunning and, if delivered, the proposals to convert it into a venue and TV studio will ensure  that something good has come out of this process. It would be counterproductive if the ongoing campaign to stop the Lime Street development stopped the ABC refurbishment. The following images were taken by Chris Iles from Williamson Tunnels, but due to the Structural nature of the existing building, there where areas that we could not access due to safety reasons.

CAI_6205 CAI_6208 CAI_6214 CAI_6223 CAI_6227 CAI_6228 CAI_6235





CAI_6249 CAI_6239

1 thought on “Save the Futurist – Team Statement

  1. Hi there

    I’m a small tooth on a small cog that is part of a campaign to save some of Belfast’s city centre architecture.

    I’m impressed with what you’ve achieved and was wondering if you could share some advice and hints?

    We’ve only been on the scene for a few weeks (but already there’s been a few buildings demolished, including 2 art deco gems)

    If you could, would you contact one of the group at (or even just have a look at the blog that went live yesterday and leave a comment or contacting them on twitter @belfast_revival )?

    We need all the help we can get as NI doesn’t have a government body for protecting built heritage and you don’t need permission to knock down buildings if they aren’t listed or in a conservation area (and NI is one of the few places in the world that would even consider reneging on World heritage sites) so it’s a constant battle.

    Much obliged


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