Hi everyone, Cu…


Hi everyone, Currently in Susie & Stevie G’s having a #savethefuturist meeting (with wine of course) & Neil Holmes from Liverpool Blitz!
Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far, 500+ signatures! If you haven’t already done it here’s the link again: goo.gl/B7hml
We have had an interview & our pictures taken for the Liverpool Echo, so please look out for us in the next couple of days! Also we’re going on BBC Radio Merseyside next week. Ill keep you updated with exact dates and times where possible.
Tonight we’re designing posters to keep the momentum going. All ideas welcome, just contact us on twitter or facebook (lesley@thefuturist)

Have a merry christmas everyone & remember #savethefuturist – keep spreading the word!!!


The Future of the Great Streets!

THE blueprint to drive forward Liverpool city centre over the next 15 years has been launched today. A host of projects that should be prioritised for investment are included in the Liverpool City Centre Strategic Investment Framework 2012 by the city’s regeneration agency Liverpool Vision. Upgrading the city’s three so-called “Great Streets” (The Strand, Hope Street, and the corridor from Lime Street to Water Street along Dale Street).

The Former Futurist Cinema should be integrated into this Vision. “Correction” will be integrated to future plans!


A warm welcome from me!

Well here it is, still a massive work in progress but a provisional ‘Hello’ from me.

This is my first post to engage all in the discussion of the future of ‘The Futurist’.

Please feel free to comment and post your feelings, experiences, opinions and thoughts…..