Us Futurist campaigners have been involved in meetings with Councillor Nick Small & other key councillors from the cabinet office to discuss our #savethefuturist campaign & its role within next years IFB (International Festival of Business) hosted here in our great city in summer 2014.

We are delighted to announce that talks are underway to clean up the Lime Street gateway ahead of this event, showcasing the façade of the Futurist as the main key focal point. That means the weeds, trees and other plants growing out of it will be removed, windows will be fixed and the façade is set to be illuminated!

This couldn’t be better news for our campaign as it goes a long way towards showing Neptune Developments how amazing it can look as well as highlighting the buildings historic significance within Liverpool. Hopefully we can make them see its more in there interest to keep it than destroy it?!

The council have given us the façade of the Futurist to use as a palette & a medium to showcase our ideas, memories etc. of the building and bring it back into forefront of peoples thinking again.

Some of the ideas that have come to mind are show reels being projected onto the buildings opposite, relevant art work & photography showing the buildings history, films that were shown there etc. etc. 

Stand by for regular updates from now on…. things are getting exciting!