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  1. My Grandfather used to be the manager of this cinema in the 60’s and 70’s so obviously I would be sad to see it just crumble away, it has lots of memories for my sister and I. More power to your elbow……….

  2. Hi Lesley,having been born and bred in a Higsons pub in Lpool city in 1948 ,it would be a shame to see the Futurist go the same way as many of the Higsons pubs.The Futurist was one of the main the main ciemas, or picture houses frequented by us city dwellers in the 50/60/70s and is a reminder of the past,and is part of our heritage .It is great to look forward ,but let us not forget our past.

    • Definitely!
      We are now trying to save the facade of the building and have it incorporated into any new development plans for Lime Street. Like the Printworks building in Manchester. The interior is unfortunately totally destroyed. I think it would be fantastic to keep the front though as it is beautiful and could be used for anything! A boutique hotel? A Hard Rock Cafe?
      I think now it’s time to get our imaginations going so its kept and not forgotten about.

  3. Hi Lesley,
    Couldn’t agree more with everything said.
    I spent years traveling through this street and past the Futurist. I’ve always enjoyed the gritty nature of the streets uses in the past, but only in hope that it could fulfil its potential in the future, the scale of the street and its connectivity demand it. I am fully behind your efforts, you can call on my help at anytime.

  4. Leslie,

    great Georgian Style building and great Blog. Really interesting. I am currently in the Architecture Department with Spencer Kelly and have passed some 3D images of previous schemes for the site. I would like to come on board with this as it will be a great effort if the Futurist and the Lime Street corridor is brought back to the Future for the Liverpool people!!! The original idea was to pedestrianise the area from Lime Street to the Royal court and sink the traffic. This is a bold project but more realistic would be a project to keep the facade of the Futurist and create a public space behind the facade similar to the Printworks in Manchester. Mike Farragher Senior Lecturer, John Moores University – Architecure

  5. Hi Lesley.

    Good on you for starting a campaign to save the Futurist. I have been interested in this building for many years. I remember going there as a kid to see Superman and Empire Strikes Back before it closed. 🙂

    If you do get a society off the ground I would love to join up and help in any way I can to restore the futurist to it’s former glory.

    Best wishes and good luck 🙂

  6. Hi Lesley – Am sure you are not alone in this! it’s such a beautiful and iconic building. I cant believe it isnt listed! but it should still be eligible for HLF? Have you made enquiries? I am a development consultant & have worked on many capital/restoration projects in the city, would be happy help – please email if you think I could assist – or perhaps you could keep me updated if there’s a ‘friends of’ group etc? … meanwhile would be v.interested to know if there are any LCC plans in place for the Lime St corridor – which in my opinion is the worst bit of town at the mo – seeing as they have just done the station plateau and plans for Central Village are in progress, it would seem sensible to link the two ….

    • Clare, Thank you for your post, really interesting comments, would love you to come onboard to assist, to see what avenues are available to explore (HLFund). A Society is in process of being formed and I am currently in talks with English Heritage & The Architectural Heritage Fund. I will be keeping all updated as to what happens, feel free to send me an email to discuss further. LM

    • Mark, Brilliant image & other Liverpool images within your blog. Really powerful1. Send me a copy & I will use as one of my Headers, if thats ok with you. Will Keep you updated with developments. LM

  7. This is a wonderful building, but I understand that it is in an extremely poor condition. Do you know what extent of damage it has? Is it structural or merely cosmetic? It would also be interesting to see what grants would be in place to assist regeneration. Good luck with your campaign.

    • This is what i am looking into at the moment. The videos of the Futurist (link available on this blog) are from approx 2008 and they show a lot of the roof missing in the auditorium at the rear. However the main part cant have that much of a structural damage as it would be unsafe to enter?
      Another interesting short video to see is one by Paul Rooney, “The Futurist” on in the Victoria Art Gallery on Brownlow hill, as part of Liverpools Biennial. Its free and id highly recommend it. Its set in the bar area of the building mainly, it gives you a good insight into the main part of the building, quite eerie!

  8. Apart fromLiverpool ONE, ironic buildings such as the futurist are being neglected. The “new” heritage of Liverpool is leaving our historic and true heritage behind. Save the futuristt.

  9. This was where we saw all the Hammer House of Horror films in the 1960’s and where Dr Zhivago was screened.For Hammer films they always burned incense which contributed to the sweet sickly atmosphere of Cushings horror.I believe it could become the first heritage horror film catering for a niche audience who would like a meal,a drink and a film.And all those scary memories!

  10. This building needs to be renovated and re-opened. Not destroyed and turned into a McDonald’s or what ever they want to do with it. It’s presence adds character to our city and it’s history is cherished by many. Save the futurist

  11. It’s such a beautiful building. I’m not averse to change, change can be good. I just don’t see why we can’t utilise this building. I certainly think we need to exhaust all avenues and explore the potential to help this iconic building shine amongst a regenerated Lime Street.

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